ZhongZhou glass plate (DongGuan) Company limited was established in May of 2008, which is a professional manufacturer of acetate fiber glass plastic, is one of earliest glass plastic companies. And we cooperate with a lot of famous glass companies. Our products is used for high quality glass frame, art wares, and decorations.
Our company have advanced mechanical equipments and power production capacity.
Glass plate is made by imported plastic material and Italy professional technology, to make sure stable product quality, also the products can follow customers’ requirement, many kind and meet customers needs.
We have high quality professional working team, and we seeking for continues studying, and improve our  R&D Capability, and product quality, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, study the quality system and meet the international systems.
公司的宗旨是:尊崇“踏实、拼搏、责任”的企业精神,并以诚信、共赢、开创经营理念,创造良好的企业环境,以全新的管理模式,完善的技术,周到的服务,卓越的品质为生存根本,我们始终坚持用户至上 用心服务于客户,坚持用自己的服务去打动客户。
Company purpose: We respect for the "pragmatic, hard work, responsibility," the spirit of enterprise, and integrity, double-win, and create a business philosophy. We offer a well company environment, new management system, perfect technology, considerate service, Excellent quality for survival, We always adhere to the user first, and with our best service to customers, we insist offer our best service to customers.
 “Efficiency comes from diligence”, ZhongZhou glass plates is continuous innovation, we sincerely hope our products can improve your technique. Improve your productivity and product quality, save energy.
New Zhongzhou CA glass plates, rich and colorful, and attractive design, with good price and high quality. Welcome your require for order.
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